Brukt Waterproof D9X selges!

Vi selger unna denne brukte herre modellen, kun få dykk.. Ny pris er 15700,- men selges nå til 9990,- Størrelsen er Medium Large med tilhørende skostørrelse 43. Passer til en middels normal mann men stikk innom og prøv den gjerne.

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Arm reinforcements – Double layers of abraision resistance Cordura fabric. Cordura Nylon QUAD-LAM – AquaMax 330 denier Cordura Nylon. Breathable. Double leg pockets – With double cord loops, easy grip and drainage mesh. Flexible dry zipper – Light and flexible TIZIP MasterSeal 10. Integrated suspenders – Adjustable integrated suspenders for a comfortable fit. Knee reinforcement – Double layers of abrasion resistant fabric. Seamfree crotch – The crotch is made in one piece, no seams. This to ensure a more durable and comfortable suit. Seat reinforcement – Double layers of abraision resistance Cordura fabric. SI TECH valves – Swiveling inlet valve and adjustable automatic outlet valve. Provided by SI TECH. Telescope torso – Suspenders and the adjustable torso system enable the diver to fit the suit to their liking. Warm cuffs – The arms are equipped with warm cuffs that minimize heat loss at the wrists. Just put the glove underneath the cuff. Xlite Flexboot – An extra light and flexible boot with fin strap ridge and a narrow fit. Zipper cover – Provides protection of your dry zipper.

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